first tent…

The first test I ever purchased was when I was in junior high school.
It was a typical ridge tent in canary yellow and so small that 2 junior high kids could barely lie down. If I recall correctly, It cost $80 or $90 at a store similar to Walmart.

During summer vacation, I and two other friends went to a small island which was an hour ferry ride from the port nearby my hometown. We fished most of the time, but when we got bored we dived into the sea once in a while. It was such a great memory.

It has been a mystery of mine because although we three went camping, why I bought 2 persons tent…


Ever since purchasing the first tent, I have owned two other cheap tents. They were only for the sake of some events to run, so I gave then away to my friends after the events.

So what does this mean?
I built a tent once a every 5 years, and I was in the troubles every time. Thin and unreliable pegs made out of aluminum or steel or plastic that come with the tent are the one create big trouble. Of course I clearly remember that it was the same thing when building the first tent about 35 years ago.

In addition to unused to building a tent, striking the unreliably thin pegs are such a hard work which is supposed to a lot easier. If the ground is hard or contains some stones, they get bent or break so easily. It sure made me upset…

still the same

Now that I am deeply into camping, I bought a huge tent with screen room. Because I experienced that 3 persons spent the night in 2-person tent, and sometimes stray cats licked my face while sleeping, I choose a lot bigger that what I really need.

I was so surprised that I ended up paying more than 2 grand for options and accessories! No more excuse saying I got tired of camping. At that time I vaguely believed that all the pegs are not the same pegs I know, but when I opened up the package there were full of thin aluminum pegs.

Recent Tents are functionally updated and visually well designed. They would stimulate my greed so much yet all those pegs hasn’t changed very much. What a disappointment!


Right after a disappointment, great news jumps right into my face. A peg I found on the internet is one heck of strong weapon called Solid Stake by snow peak.

When I look at them at first, I was so surprised how thick they were. It got even more surprising when I actually hold thee in hand. Heavy. I mean amazingly heavy. This 12″ long peg weighs 6oz and the diameter is little less than 3/8″. Man, these pegs hold serious destructive power!

Pegs are normally come with the tent you buy. That is a basic idea of how you get pegs but you need to pay for them. A quite a bit. As soon as I touch them, I thought that no matter how hard the ground is, this one should make the striking the pegs a hundred times easier. Additionally, a word “forged” makes me want to buy them all.

I first purchased 10 of 15.25″ long pegs which weigh 12oz each. Every time I strike a peg, it just goes down so easily with the clear and high-pitched metallic sounds. I know there is a huge smile on my face. What were all the troubles I had? Even though I feel the stone touching the tip of a peg, it is no problems to keep striking because this peg smashes stones to pieces. At the moment I was about to finish striking the first one, I decided to forget about all those pegs came with a tent as a part of accessories.

I also purchased some 12″ long pegs and now I spend a stress-free time of building tents and tarps.

And here is a must-have item to store those precious and strong pegs. I found this vintage tool box by CRAFTSMAN at the American antique store where my friend work. This big and heavy box holds even 15.25″ long pegs and protect them perfectly.

you need them

All the campers! Spending the extra money for pegs may sound ridiculous because they are usually included in the tent. However if you want be a happy camper, then you need these pegs! It shortens incredible amount of time to build tent or tarp.

In site of looking for this new chair or table, get some of these pegs. Yes, you need them!
And get surprised!