table lamp


I have been fascinated with this lantern/table lamp.

The twin-headed skinny body shines in silver and lined up side by side. Because I had never seen a lantern/table lamp before, it looked like such a fascinating gem. At this point I have not seen a real one yet, so I wish I will see one someday.

Well I met such a wonderful gem then it is all natural to check the auction sites like e-bay or the similar sites.

reality is…

Man, it is expensive. I mean it.
I assume that not so many of them were sold back then, which means it is rare for me to find one in the auction sites. Even if I find one, it ends up somewhere around $600 or more. I sure love this lantern/table lamp so much but I don’t feel it is realistic to pay more than $600 for a lantern/table lamp.

Every once in while I get so excited to find this one, I have a sigh because the bidding price rises up no matter what. Because of the unbelievable price, I somehow stayed away from checking the auction sites.

One day it came straight between my eyes. I finally found a substitute!!


On the internet I happened to find out some photos that two small mantleless lanterns are connected together. Wow, IP-200LA is back in rather settle and classical styling! It is called chandelier by ALVA. One great thing is that they would custom-made not only for double but also triple, quadruple and quintuple headed!!

I had almost given up finding this double-headed lantern but hey, with this connecting attachment I am able to own something close to what I have dreamed of for long time.


I started searching for small lanterns to fit this attachment and here are the candidates.

First of all, Mini Flame by snow peak looks pretty good. Actually its liner design looks so nice yet too modern for me. This has been so popular in Japan back then that it was very difficult to get one.

Of course some of the uniquely designed lanterns by PRIMUS are candidates. However they don’t encourage me enough visually. Don’t get me wrong. They look great. They don’t look as convincing as the original IP-200LA.

CAPTAIN STAG of Japan recently released a product in this category. Nice solid design, and machined aluminum in brown is very attracting.

Coleman Japan has a great looking one called Lumiere lantern which seemingly available only in Japan. It is designed not in too modernized way but in good old American style. This is it! In addition, Coleman outlet store nearby offers very reasonable price  made me go with it.

It is looking good, isn’t it?
Finally my lust has been fulfilled.

at the end

If you think twice, this attachment is not cheap at all. It costs nearly $135 which is way more than a white gas lantern. But sometimes money doesn’t matter. It is all about your dream or lust.

It is very original. And I am pretty sure that this lantern should make you feel romantic. lol