a matter of life or death. sort of…

I ended up buying this camping gear spending such a long time to test physically and to compare prices and qualities.

A chair.

It said that it is a waste of time, isn’t it? Oh well, I actually spent more than a half year to pick one.

I personally like to sit on a low chair. After finishing building a tent, I sit on the chair most of the times. Even while cooking. This means sitting on a chair has to be comfortable and easy to my body. If it doesn’t fit to me then I would have a backache or a sore neck which could end up to a severe headache.

Hey, it is a mater of life or death to choose a chair that fits good for this worn-out old man…lol

ideal chair

Because I love the bonfire, so I sit around the fire for a long time. SoI prefer the cotton over polyester for the seating and back face of a chair. Because if the firewood pops on the polyester surface, it would have a hole so easily. But cotton doesn’t. And as I already said, it needs to be a low chair.

Those two things are the absolute requirements. In additions, I would like to avoid the color of raw aluminum. if it is made out of wood, it would be a super even if it weighs a lot. To fulfill those requirements, I actually drove around to sit on them to see if they fit right for me.

Kermit Chair

This very attractive American-made wooden chair looks so nice. It sure is my kind of chair. However, the backrest of it is little bit low for me so that I must support my neck by myself. And $300 a piece is way too much for me.

Rover Chair

It was originally a on-vehicle stuff of Land Rover truck which was official vehicle of the British army back then. There are a bunches of replicas on the market, and they have this distinctive atmosphere yet pretty comfortable. Only one thing….it sits pretty high.


The king of light-weight is right. But I want to sit more comfortably. A high-back chair may be OK.


Low beach chair surprisingly fits perfect to my body. Especially the angle of the backrest is ideal.
Well, the color of aluminum frame and price don’t meet my requirements.

out of nowhere

One day, I stopped by a sporting goes store which is located more than 50 miles away from my house. It is similar to Big 5 Sporting Goods in the US. Their private label called Visionpeaks has this chair.

It is fabricated with heavy cotton fabric. The aluminum frame is in black. This low chair is in nice burgundy, and even armrests are wrapped with same fabric. And most of all, it is cheap!! I sure did buy 2 of them without a doubt.

at the end

Now that I get much older, I feel that the angel of backrest is too much for me. Man, what was all that time I spent to choose this chair? It seems that my beaten-up body needs more upright chair to spend  the time comfortably. It is simply a torture to sit on the chair which doesn’t fit at all.

Do I need to compromise with a chair by Snowpeak?
Even my old body is cheering up to fulfill my greed…lol