why camp? extraordinary uplifting and satisfaction!

why camp?

Besides your age or sex, the most of us, not everyone though, like camping. Snuggling under a sleeping bag in the tent which very thin fabric separates the outside air, or taking care of bonfire, or dripping the coffee and worming yourself up in the cold foggy morning with tweeting birds around…. No doubt, It is FUN.

Then why we camp?
It should be the extraordinariness and experiences you would normally face in everyday life. Experiences which you sleep and eat in the unfamiliar place boost up fresh feelings and stimulation, and create a little bit of anxiety.

50% more fun

Once you get used to it, it should not be any problem setting up your tent or tarp. But the time you set up them, often times you forget how to set them up correctly so that you need to struggle just a bit. If your tent is rather large size then enormous number of pegs need to be struck into the ground. You must continuously pump it up to fill up with air to lit your gasoline lantern. If you set up your tent far from a cookhouse then you need to fill up your water jug and to walk back all the way to your tent.

Man, there are so many things to take care of…
However have you ever felt that it is really fun and satisfying activities and process to build up your own secret hideout?

How about a dinner?
If you cook with slightly more expensive ingredients in campsite then it is certainly beyond delicious. Normally you would look for a quick and easy dinner everyday but you find yourself that you try a slow cook recipe in the beautiful forest, and feel that camping rules.
On the other hand, even a same cup noodles you had yesterday at work turns into a great meal. Your expectations get so high while boiling the water outside the tent so that you reach at the end of your patience. You slurp the half cooked noodles quickly. It is such a wonderful moment that you exhale the air you inhaled with noodles, as soon as swallowing noodles.

This must be the extraordinary uplifting which camping brings.
Uplifting is gotta be a special magic that all the time-consuming and troublesome activities in camping switches to rather fun activities.

experience and materialistic desires

Any bothersome activities in your standards of everyday life all of a sudden become fun in campsite. That is because all those camping experiences are so satisfying.

Satisfaction that comes from yourself who is having an extraordinary experience. Satisfaction that is brought by a sight which your family is having fun. Satisfaction that your meal cooked in a dutch oven goes so well. Satisfaction that you fold your tent and end up fitting into the bag perfectly.

All those uplifting experiences while camping satisfy you and it is good!!

On the contrary camping also satisfies your materialistic desires for the gears.
It is such a wonderful spending some time surrounded by camping gears carefully selected. And you must spend beautiful time examining the balance between the price and the quality of a gear, and paring down the candidates because of your budget. It is all natural that your satisfaction gets highest with your meditative camping gears.

day has come

Have you ever noticed that your camping is started a day you planed to go camping? The time you made decision, your plan uplifts you and make you a happy camper already! Thinking of which campsite to choose or what to cook or what kind of activities to try is simply the lovable moment. And then finally you open up the door which leads into the short but extraordinary experiences at the campsite.

Doing a daily routine such as cooking, organizing, taking care of your kids, dish-washing and so, in the field suddenly becomes fun and exciting activities.
Solo camping? Family camping? It just doesn’t matter.
Unrealistic night you spend in front of a bonfire is golden.

Camping is fun.